About Trademarks

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established business, registering and managing your trademark is critical to protecting your rights.  Your trademark is one of your most valuable business assets and we can help you protect it.

The Benefits of Federal Registration

The primary purpose of a trademark is to designate the source of a product.  Therefore, the goodwill and trust a company builds with the public is often embodied in its name and branding.  Registering your trademark with the USPTO provides you with nationwide protection of your mark. Federal registration puts the nation on notice of your ownership of the mark and can discourage others from attempting to use similar names or logos. 

Successful companies and products are often faced with knock-offs or third parties wishing to cash in on the success of others. A registered trademark provides numerous benefits when enforcing your rights, including access to federal court, a presumption of the validity of your mark, and in some cases, allows you to seek treble damages against infringers.

First Steps

An important consideration for a new brand should be the protectability of your planned mark.  A careful investigation at the beginning can save your company from significant trouble down the road.  It could be disastrous for a startup to invest heavily in a brand name only to promptly receive a cease-and-desist letter. 

An existing trademark that is similar to yours may prevent you from registering your mark.  We can help you make sure the coast is clear by performing a trademark availability search.  We will identify and evaluate any potential conflicts you may face when applying to the USPTO.  With this information, we can advise you on how to best to proceed with your plans.

Post-Registration Services

Registration is just the first step.  Once you have a federally registered trademark, you must maintain it.  Missing a renewal deadline could result in losing your registration.  We can help you manage your trademarks and keep track of the required maintenance filings.

Additionally, owners of registered trademarks must police and enforce their rights in order to preserve them.  If you learn of a possible infringer, we can evaluate the situation and advise you on the benefits and risks of taking legal action, and your options on how best to proceed.